Networking – WHY?–why
Networking – Why?

By Dana Cooper-Hayes | June 29, 2017
SOCMA’s National Chemical Safety Symposium – Hosted by ChemStewards® a Great Place to Connect with EHS&S Professionals

Has one of your leaders suggested you may want to find additional opportunities to network?

After the conversation…. You may think…. I went to many happy hours with my team at work and played on the charity softball team. I networked with my office group.

What she/he is really asking is how are you getting involved and engaging in a Chemical industry peer group? The challenge is for you to find networking sessions this year or ways to get involved in your industry groups.

There are many groups, but how do you find the best opportunities for you and your interests. The definition of networking is interconnecting with a group. You may ask yourself, why he/she wants me to interconnect with strangers? What events do I attend?

Being able to converse with a group will boost your confidence and increase your chances for mutually beneficial networking.

Finding a meaningful networking opportunity is the start to engaging into an opportunity. The traditional monthly industry dinner meetings are changing and moving on.

The shift has moved to identifying key opportunities to spend a day or two with a group to engage and create tremendous value.

I attended SOCMA’s National Chemical Safety Symposium in 2015 during a work trip to Houston, TX. I learned the latest methodologies in process safety management and operational excellence tools used to create a safe and secure manufacturing environment. Establishing working connections and relationships is the overall goal to involve yourself in unique teams/groups that will allow you to succeed.

I have been very fortunate to have great mentors to involve and engage me in many types of groups. My first National Chemical Safety Symposium, I walked into the conference alone. I was welcomed by the smiles of the ChemStewards® team members. Individuals made a point to introduce me to members and allow the connections to begin.

SOCMA’s National Chemical Safety Symposium agenda was enhanced to hear the latest industry trends, process safety management regulation insights, education learnings, best practice sharing, breakout sessions and time to form new relationships or maybe reconnect with others.

In our social media world, do not forgo the importance of face-to-face connectivity. Interacting face-to-face is valued more than interacting online and there is no substitute for live, in-person business meetings. The power of begin connected and having fun while engaging with new members at the National Chemical Safety Symposium is very powerful. Set aside the time to be present at the event and focus on the value you will receive.

During the conference, I have a notebook to capture innovative ideas, contacts and approaches to take back to my organization or share with colleagues and friend. From experience, networking at SOCMA’s National Chemical Safety Symposium will provide tremendous value to you personally and your organization.

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